Youth Leadership Program


he primary focus of the youth program is to encourage Korean American Youths to better understand the ethics and values of today’s society while emphasizing the importance of owning and respecting the beauty of living in America with a Korean background. Through KCSC’s Annual Summer Youth Leadership Conference, we help them maintain healthy relationships with families and friends by learning more about themselves and discovering the ways to become peer educators and helpers. With the opening of the Edmonds branch office KCSC has expanded its Youth Program with a Senior Leadership Program, Community Service opportunities. KCSC believes that offering this program youth will build respectful relationships with a diverse group of peers and will help youth, introspectively learn about themselves and their culture, KCSC helps youth discover mentors and role models to guide future generations in this cycle of empowerment. Ultimately, youth will foster leadership development and will help the next generation assume leadership roles within KCSC and our communities.