Volunteering Opportunities

KCSC  Volunteer Services recruits and trains volunteers, places them in appropriate assignments according to their skills, interests and preferences, evaluates their performances, and provides recognition of their contributions.

Volunteers may be placed in various areas such as reception(Intake)  and administrative work, special programs, and fundraising events.

Volunteering provides an excellent opportunity for newcomers to connect with the community and gain valuable hands on work experience.  Your time and effort will truly make a difference in the lives of the people we serve.

For questions, please call at 425-776-2400 or  email   info@kcscseattle.org


Thank you for your interest.


Who are Volunteers?

Volunteers are those who believe that they have abilities and opportunities to cause positive effects on society. Volunteers look for well-being of individuals and communities by donating their time, knowledge, and skills. All these resources that volunteers share with individual and community are crucial and necessary to make our communities healthier and happier.