KCSC Programs


CSC helps Korean American and other Asian immigrants make the transition to a new life in America. In most cases, clients are served by professional staff who speak the same language and come from the same country. KCSC provides bilingual and cultural services to Korean families.

Services provided include:

  • Information and Assistant Service
  • Individual & Family Counseling
  • Parenting Class
  • Youth Leadership Program
  • Pro Bono Legal Clinic
  • Immigrant Assistant Services

Information and Assistant Service


CSC provides information and assistant services largely to first generation, Korean speaking immigrants. KCSC has reached out to those who need assistance with basic information about private and governmental services. KCSC is committed to high offering quality and responsive service's to all client's as well as contirubuting social benefit's to the community.

Services provided include:

  • WA Health Care
  • Basic Food
  • Low Income Housing
  • Energy Assistance for Low Income
  • Senior Benefits:
    • Medicare
    • SSI
    • SSA
    • Senior Housing
    • Senior Benefits:
    • Energy Assistance

Individual & Family Counseling


CSC counseling services assist families and individuals in coping with stress caused by emotional and relationship issues. Many of the clients receive anger-management training and counseling to resolve their inner conflicts and conflicts with others. We focus in helping Korean Americans before problems occur by providing educational programs that teach useful knowledge and social information which would help people adjust to a new culture. KCSC is committed to providing services to our clients that are confidential, non-discriminatory, respectful and culturally sensitive. We believe in high standards of professional conduct and maintain strict confidentiality of all client information.

Parenting Class


arenting program's help parent's understand and deal with concerns about health, safety, mental development and behavior problems of their children. The goal is to teach families about violence-free life style's through discussion and teaching technique's to improve parent-child relationship's, self -image, self-discipline, social competency, and community involvement.

Youth Leadership Program


he primary focus of the youth program is to encourage Korean American Youths to better understand the ethics and values of today’s society while emphasizing the importance of owning and respecting the beauty of living in America with a Korean background. Through KCSC’s Annual Summer Youth Leadership Conference, we help them maintain healthy relationships with families and friends by learning more about themselves and discovering the ways to become peer educators and helpers. With the opening of the Edmonds branch office KCSC has expanded its Youth Program with a Senior Leadership Program, Community Service opportunities. KCSC believes that offering this program youth will build respectful relationships with a diverse group of peers and will help youth, introspectively learn about themselves and their culture, KCSC helps youth discover mentors and role models to guide future generations in this cycle of empowerment. Ultimately, youth will foster leadership development and will help the next generation assume leadership roles within KCSC and our communities.

Pro Bono Legal Clinic


ince 1992, KCSC has operated a free legal clinic in conjunction with the members of the Korean American Bar Association of Washington and the King County Bar Association. A free legal clinic is available on alternate Saturdays, at the KCSC Head Office, 22727 Hwy 99 #107 Edmonds, WA 98026. The volunteering attorneys meet with their clients at the KCSC office and work to resolve the client’s legal problems. Many of the issues presented concern family law, consumer matters, immigration, wills and estates, criminal matters and small claims. Clients must meet financial eligibility requirements to qualify for the Legal Clinic.

Immigrant Assistant Services


CSC offers the Citizenship Services program to help immigrants and refugees become active U.S. citizens by providing high quality classes at convenient locations within King County. KCSC offers settlement and integration services to immigrants and their families to help them understand, navigate and access the social and economic systems of Washington State. The goal is to ensure successful integration of newcomers into their respective communities.