KCSC was founded in 1983 as a community based service agency in the Korean community in Washington State. Initially founded to assist new American's of Korean descent to overcome language and cultural barriers. KCSC has been a friendly neighbor to all who need help and assistance in the Korean Community. KCSC has been providing Social Service and Language's service targeting the Korean Population. As our largely immigrant community matures, KCSC has also matured. After initially providing interpretation services, we received chemical treatment certification. Our domestic violence prevention program has reached out to many who had previously accepted spousal abuse. The parenting program has also been effective in teaching parents how to assimilate and to teach their own children who are learning and growing in a culture unfamiliar to the parents. The free legal clinic has been able to help low income members of our community. The KCSC has benefited from a staggering number of lawyer volunteer hours.

Today, KCSC services provided are:

Individual and Family Counseling, Pro Bono Legal Counseling, Parenting Classes, Youth Leadership Programs, Immigrant Assistant Services, Translation Services, and Information and Assistance Services.